Module 7: Manufacturing wool knits

Did you know that yarn can be turned into many different knitted structures to be used for anything from shaped knitwear to fabric for underwear? In this module, you will learn all about manufacturing knitted fabric and knits from wool yarn.


Topic 1 - Manufacturing wool products: a summary

From the sheep’s back to finished fabric, wool manufacturing is an interesting and detailed process. In this topic, you will revisit the process before moving on to discover how yarn is manufactured into knitted fabric.

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Topic 2 - Yarn selection

Wool can be manufactured into yarn suitable for both knitting or weaving. This topic reviews the characteristics of yarn and investigates how it is selected for knitted or woven fabrics.

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Topic 3 - The knitting process

Different machines are used to turn yarn into knits. In this topic you will explore the machines commonly used to create wool knits.

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Topic 4 - Knitting gauges

Knitting machines are defined by their gauge (the number of needles per inch), which determines the thickness of the yarn used as well as the thickness of the knit produced. In this topic you’ll find out about the different knitting gauges and how knitting gauge affects the yarn selected for various machines and fabrics.

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Topic 5 - Common wool knitted structures

Yarn can be knitted into different structures, creating fabrics suitable for different applications. In the final topic in this module you will learn about the most common wool knit structures.

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