Module 1: What is wool?

Wool is a natural fibre produced by sheep all over the world. This module will introduce wool, some of its key features and benefits and the sheep responsible for producing nature’s finest natural fibre. After completing this module you will have a greater appreciation of wool.


Topic 1 - What is wool?

In this topic you will explore the wool fibre, where it comes from and some of its key features and benefits.

3 mins

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Topic 2 - Where does wool come from

Not all wool is the same. Here you will explore a few of the many sheep breeds from around the world and the different types wool they produce.

5 mins

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Topic 3 - Australian Merino wool

Australian Merino sheep produce the highest quality wool in the world. In this topic you will meet the Australian Merino and take a closer look at Merino wool.

4 mins

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