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About Us

The Woolmark
Learning Centre

Australian Wool Innovation and its subsidiary The Woolmark Company, have been educating and supporting the global wool industry for more than 50 years.

As a not-for-profit organisation, our purpose is to equip the entire industry, from the Australian woolgrowers who produce wool, through to the designers who create with it, with the resources, information and tools to succeed in the industry.

What we do

What we do

The Woolmark Learning Centre enables the transfer of knowledge along the global wool industry to empower and inspire. From programs aimed at secondary and tertiary design students, through to appreciation courses and development programs, the learning centre helps us to connect the supply chain, and inspire a new generation of talent.

Whoever you are in the textile industry, from students studying design and agriculture, to professionals in supply chain, manufacturing and fashion, the Woolmark Learning Centre will provide you with expert-led and in-depth digital coursework free of charge.


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How we educate

We know everyone learns differently and so our coursework has been created with numerous learning pathways that are both interactive and intuitive.

We also know our audience has diverse learning needs, and so we have created coursework to suit those wanting fundamental knowledge right through to those wanting rigorous masters-level coursework.

Who Are Our Learners

The learning centre serves to educate the full global supply chain. Working with both industry and educational institutions, we provide access to free resources and coursework to empower and inspire.