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Wool Production Program

This program provides opportunities for woolgrowers and wool industry professionals to learn more about a particular area of interest with the aim to increase applied farming knowledge and management skills and techniques within the Australian wool industry.

With the need to continue to adapt and innovate, participants in this program’s courses will identify key practical actions to implement on-farm to achieve improved productivity for their enterprise.

By completing courses within this program of work, woolgrowers will be able to access information and tools which will support them to broaden their outlook on their wool growing business.




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Wool Production Program
Wool price risk management

This course takes an in-depth look at the importance of wool price risk management and hedging principles. The content covers types of risk, risk management products, strategies and analysis in relation to the wool industry and shows how a better understanding of these elements can enable an increased uptake of forward contracts and lead to improved market signals. This in turn could be of significant benefit to all woolgrowers and other participants in the wool industry pipeline.

In this course you will also explore examples of Australian agricultural innovation, both pre- and post-European settlement, and identify the role the wool industry has played in promoting these innovations.

Wool price risk management
2 hrs 35 mins
6 Modules
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