Module 8: Manufacturing woven fabric

Wool fabrics are made by knitting or weaving yarn. In the previous module, you explored how wool is knitted. In this module, you will discover how yarn is woven into fabric.


Topic 1 - Wool manufacturing: a summary

The wool manufacturing process takes greasy wool and turns it into various wool products. Here, you will revisit the process and review how yarn is manufactured.

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Topic 2 - Yarn selection

Not all yarns are the same. Different yarns are used to create a range of products. This topic investigates the characteristics of various yarn types and how yarn is selected to make woven fabrics.

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Topic 3 - The weaving process

Yarns are woven on a machine known as a loom, of which there are various types. In this topic you will explore five common loom types and their suitability for weaving wool.

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Topic 4 - Weave types

From twill to herringbone, you may have heard about different weave types. This topic covers the common weave types for wool and their characteristics.

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