Module 15: The Woolmark brand

The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognisable textile symbols. It indicates the product consumers purchase meets the key performance standards associated with quality wool products. This module has been designed to help you find out more about the Woolmark Company, the Woolmark brand and the quality assurance (QA) system that ensures when customers buy a Woolmark labelled product, they know it’s of the highest standard.


Topic 1 - Certification marks

Have you ever wondered what the Woolmark logos mean and who owns them? This topic explores the different Woolmark logos and who licenses the use of these certification marks.

6 mins

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Topic 2 - The Woolmark QA system

How are wool products certified to carry the Woolmark trademark? In this topic you will explore the quality assurance system that ensures only products that meet the relevant requirements can carry the Woolmark logo.

5 mins

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